Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

The Sweet Happiness

March 28, 2009 – Was my first time to to attend a blog event.  My brother James invited me to come with him to Manila for a doughnut event. I don’t have any idea but I didn’t bother to ask him about the details. Hehe. And since I am also a blogger, I decided to come with him without any hesitations. We arrived to Bonifacio High Street past 12 in the afternoon when I saw a lot of people in Krispy Kreme. That’s when I thought, ahh maybe that’s the one where we’re gonna go. We went inside with the assistance of Ms. Alma after we were handed the press kit. It’s so surprising and nice to see doughnuts with different kinds of presentation. It was really cool. I was really lucky to be given the chance to taste the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Karnival doughnuts first. The dough was really soft and it melts in your mouth. One thing I’ve noticed as well is that when you press their doughnuts, it goes back to its normal shape. It’s not just kids who’ll surely love it. And one thing I can really assure you is that doughnuts served are really freshly baked. You’ll surely can’t stop to ask for more.

To those chocoholics, try taste it! It’s really worth buying. Also, beverages that they offer also taste great. And about the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Karnival here in the Philippines, did you know that we broke Asia’s records for the longest line? We received the tag: Most doughnut SOLD, and the EARLIEST Customer to Fall in line.  Tip: Hot doughnuts are noe flicked on  red neon sign. Their doughnut machines can glaze a little over three thousand doughnuts an hour. And that was the reason behind the opening day record breaking lines caused pedestrian snarls. Now, Krispy Kreme had opened 10 stores across the Metro now.


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
The Real American Doughnut Company, Inc.
Phone: +63.2.812.6596

Showbiz Extra

So sweet of Jessica Biel

bieltimber_fullActress JESSICA BIEL made certain her boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’s 28th birthday was an occasion to remember by throwing him a surprise party on Sunday.

The singer was left stunned after he was greeted by 100 close friends and family members – including the couple’s parents, Biel’s brothers and Timberlake’s cousins – at the Roosevelt Hotel’s penthouse in Hollywood.

Biel chose a Super Bowl theme for American football fan Timberlake, and transformed the venue with flat-screen TV sets to watch the big game between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa, Florida.

Guests feasted on gourmet buffalo wings, pizza and red velvet cupcakes before toasting the star.

And the guest of honour was thrilled with his girlfriend’s efforts.

A source tells, “Justin was totally blown away when he walked in. He had no idea. They held hands and relaxed. They seemed very happy together.”

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Valentine Ideas


Valentine’s Day will be special and memorable only if you do some fun things to make it that way. Yes, it’s time to celebrate that special day to our loved ones but for those who are matured enough, looking for a companion and failed to have one, don’t you worry even if it’s Single Awareness Day for you. Use these thoughtful and romantic ideas to create a special Valentine’s Day for you and your sweetheart.

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

  • Setting the Mood for Valentines Day. A simple kiss and “I love you” might work for some, but you’ll really set the mood for a special day if you light some candles, remember the flowers, and provide a memorable table for your dinner.
  • Say I LOVE YOU All Around the House. With simple little touches you can bring a “Happy Valentine’s Day” to every special person in your life. Ribbons, bows, and hearts are easy to put around the house.
  • Personalized Gift Giving. For any occasion, but especially Valentine’s Day, plan ahead and find a gift that’s personal and perfect.
  • Valentine Gift Ideas and Memories. To make the day really special, see some of our ideas. Get inspiration for gifts that will really WOW your special someone. Some of the gifts cost money and some don’t cost anything at all. You choose!

Everyone Loves Flowers


  • Make a Beautiful Flower Arrangement with Roses. A quick stop at the market will provide everything you’ll need to create this classic rose arrangement. Be creative. Everyone appreciates an effort specially if it’s done at the bottom of your heart. Ikeee
  • Set a Beautiful Table for Spring.
    Even though the calendar says February, your table will be fresh as a breath of spring air if you plan how it would appear on the day you are to surprise someone (can be a group of people as well).
  • Spring Flower Arrangements. These pretty flower arrangements are just right for Valentine’s Day. It’s more romantic if it’s the man and not the girl who’ll make it, right girls? hehe

So that’s it for now. Will be waiting for that different set up on St. Nick’s day. hehe



I just received this news letter from British Council. I just thought I can help spreading this news to all races and maybe give everyone as well to think of how to save mother earth for the future generation.

Project Management and Leadership Training Programme

10 – 15 March 2009, Japan

IMPORTANT! Apply before 12MN of 08 February 2009 (SUNDAY)
We have recently been informed by our Japan office that there are available slot/s to sponsor Philippine delegates to this training workshop in March.

If you are:
–  a Filipino, age 20-35
–  have a ready six (6)-month valid  passport for travel
–  informed on Climate Security topics and
–  active in Climate Change advocacy

Then we want you!
We want young leaders who will implement plans, motivate others to join them and make a real difference in their fields. Participants in the Training Workshop are expected to:

  • Inform and inspire others about their countries, with their views on Climate Security.

Participants are asked to bring with them a presentation and/or video to represent a climate solution project that they have been involved in or are interested in starting. Participants will be invited to make a 5-minute presentation to the rest of the group. No specific format is specified, but projection facilities for PowerPoint will be available.

  • Contribute actively in the workshop process with their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience
  • Develop their project idea during the workshop into a proposal for implementation

If you’re up to the challenge, download the application form from our website and submit by 12 o’clock midnight on 08 February.

British Council will shortlist candidates on the same week and selected participants should be available to file their Japanese visa applications by 16 February.


Chinese teen kills self when blind date turns ugly — report

Agence France-Presse
First Posted 16:39:00 01/05/2007

Filed Under: Internet, Social Issues

BEIJING — A 17-year-old boy in northeastern China was so disappointed with the looks of a woman he met over the Internet that he hanged himself after seeing her face-to-face, state media reported Friday.

The unnamed teenager first contacted the woman — known by her chat moniker “Qunjiaofeiyang”, or “Flying Skirt” — using the popular Chinese online messaging software QQ, Xinhua news agency said.

The girl described herself as a beautiful 19-year-old and the pair chatted on the Web for weeks before arranging a December 26 rendezvous in the nearby city of Mudanjiang, in far northeastern Heilongjiang province.

The boy arrived to discover the woman far less attractive than advertised and 10 years older than him, Xinhua said.

The boy immediately returned home, lost his appetite, and four days later hanged himself from a tree.


Holiday Ideas

Wrapping up for the coming Christmas

I was browsing the net because I was looking for a good way to spend Christmas with my family when I got in to this article. It’s already the 18th of the month and I am thinking if this one can help you too! Lemme share it with you.

Christmas Vacation Ideas

Top Family Vacations for Christmas and the Holidays

© Kelby Carr

Christmas tree, Rodolfo Clix
Christmas vacation can be a wonderful time to bond with your family, and here are family vacation ideas that truly capture the magical spirit of Christmas.

Whether you want to see dazzling Christmas lights or make some amazing Christmas finds, whether you want to go ice skating or watch hockey, whether you want to see Santa Claus or visit Santa Claus, Indiana, here are some of the top Christmas vacations for families.

Visit a Christmas Market

Christmas markets just scream of family fun. The kids are sure to love all the fun festivities associated with Christmas markets, and adults will enjoy the fabulous food and unique shopping. There are fabulous Christmas markets throughout Europe, most notably in Germany, Switzerland and France. There are also several Christmas markets throughout the U.S. Read more: Chicago’s German Christmas Market

Meet with Family at a Destination

You don’t just have to go to grandma’s house for your Christmas festivities. Why not meet up with several members of your extended family at one central destination? Many people have use-it-or-lose-it vacation to burn before the end of the year, and children and young adults have Christmas vacations from school and college. This allows everyone to gather together for the holidays, while taking advantage. Read more: Destination Family Reunions

Take a Christmas Cruise

Cruise lines are figuring out that they can provide a unique family vacation over the holidays. The nice thing about Christmas cruises is several family members can cruise together, each will have their own cabin, and there are several activities both on-board and at ports to enjoy either together or apart. Several Christmas cruises have elaborate holiday activities, including Santa on board, holiday crafts and even New Year’s Eve parties. Read more: Christmas Cruises

Visit in Indoor Water Park

If the cold really isn’t your family’s thing, consider the best of both worlds with an indoor water park vacation. You can get some summertime-style fun via water slides and whirlpools. At the same time, these are often in colder climes, which make for great Christmas outings for shopping and visiting Santa. Read more: Indoor Water Parks in Winter

Ride a Santa Train

Kids just love train rides, and there are often various Christmas-themed train rides on tourist rails and even local commuter trains. At the Great Smoky Mountain Railway, for instance, train enthusiasts can ride the Polar Express to the North Pole for a visit with Santa Claus. It can also provide a great chance to see some beautiful wintery scenery. Read more: Train Travel with Kids

See Winter Sports in Action

Christmas vacations don’t just have to be about seeing Christmas lights and shopping. They don’t even have to be outings to see the Icecapades. Plan a more unique Christmas family trip by visiting a hockey arena. They are always situated in or near big cities, so there’s no reason you can’t also work some shopping in. This is a great chance to enjoy a mix of winter activities. Read more: Take Your Family on a Hockey Road Trip

Have Christmas at Your House

If the idea of hitting the road or flying at Christmas doesn’t appeal to you, you can play host as well. You can decorate your home for the holidays, and let your family members come to you. To make it more of a Christmas vacation, consider creating gift bags for your guests with local tourism brochures, area maps and low-cost travel gear like waist packs. You can also provide a list of possible daytrips or outings in your area. This is a great way to enjoy being a tourist in your own home town. Read more: How to Host Children at Your Home

Visit a Christmas-themed Destination

There are lots of cities and towns that really go all-out for Christmas. Santa Claus, Indiana, for instance, features pancake breakfasts with Santa, a Christmas village, a Christmas craft show and more holiday attractions. Read more: Christmas Vacation Destinations

Holiday Ideas

Trick or Treat (ME)

It’s so nice here in our place because the community really celebrate Halloween party. My sister is already asking my mom to go to the mall so she can look for a nice Halloween costume. Me? I’m just planning to act like a white lady. I wonder if whitening powders can make me look like I’m a white lady. hahaha. You, what are your plans for this coming Halloween?